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The net shearing force Vr, first derived by Kirchhoff [35, 36, 62], takes into account the variation of the twisting moment Mrt. Accordingly to the sign convention for the three flexural moments, the net shearing force is1

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The force Vr, which represents the axial resultant acting at a plate radius r, is useful to define a boundary condition - known as Kirchhoff's condition - at the edge: if a plate is with free edge, then Vr = 0 at its contour. After substitution of Qr and Mrt, and since here D = constant, we obtain

Rigidity ratio: Let y be the rigidity ratio between the two zones as

• Continuity conditions: The continuity conditions on z, dz/dr, Mr, and Vr at the junction r = did are respectively, after simplifications,

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Rnm(a) dRnm dr

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