From (3.40a) and (3.40b), the bending moment and net shearing force are

Given the form (3.41) of the rigidity, two configurations can be derived such as described hereafter.

3.4.1 Configuration in the CTD Class (A\ = 0J

A solution in the CTD class is obtained if the coefficient A1 = 0: this is a plate or a moderately curved meniscus when deformed both by a bending moment and a net shearing force applied to its contour. Let us define the amplitude V0 of the net shearing force acting per unit length where the mirror perimeter r = a, that is, a prismatic ring-force

Vr {a} = Vo cos 9. From (3.43b), we deduce the amplitude of this force as

By setting A2 = 4Do/(5 - v), and since, with (3.22), DoQaa = Ai, the Ci and di-mensionless thickness are

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