-0.83105 x 10+29

+0.18598 x 10+30

-0.87258 x 10-32

+0.22924 x 10-31

For the determination of C6, let us consider the total shearing force Qz issued from the transverse shearing force Qr and the axial component of radial tension Nr. For a shallow shell, the equilibrium with a uniform load is given by

Taking into account (6.5a) and (6.7), this becomes d ,„9 s 1 dF r ^ pr D— (V2w) + 1 ° 1 1

and since, from (6.9), q = -2Q./<R> = constant provides a uniform normal load, we obtain after integration

Noticing in (6.15) that the Kelvin functions have the following properties,

VVi = - V2/?2, V2W2 = Vi/?2, VVs = -w/?2, V2w = Vi/f, (6.28)

and using equation set (6.18), the substitutions lead to the residual expression C9

= <R> C6 ln (r/which can be only satisfied if

Hence, the normal displacement and stress function are related by

0 0

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