Hybrid Configurations

Hybrid configurations use a combination of the rigidity classes and can provide a Coma 3 mode flexure over the full diameter of a mirror. A simple combination is achieved with a CTD class for a central zone 0 < r < a, and a VTD class for the outer zone a < r < b. Since the dimensionless thicknesses have been normalized in the two rigidity cases (3.44) and (3.45) with identical amplitude flexures A31 and scaling thicknesses t0, we can directly link the two distributions at their thickness intersection by writing

^ A mirror with two concentric zones provides a Coma 3 deformation mode z = A31 r3cos9 on all its surface r e [ 0, b ], if a prismatic ring-force Vr = V0cos 9 is applied to its edge r = b in reaction with a ring-force at its rigidity junction r = a. The thickness t = T3110 and the geometric parameters are represented by

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