(*) values derived from the thick plate theory.

(*) values derived from the thick plate theory.

8.6.3 Other Force Distributions and Skew Surface of Forces

Telescopes with altazimuth mounts allow use of more complex distributions for the lateral support forces of the mirror. Further, these forces may not necessarily be distributed in a plane. Hereafter distributions are considered for large monolithic mirrors in alt-az mount telescopes.

• Mirror slices and parallel push-pull force distribution: Mack [45] found it appropriate to distribute parallel push-pull forces Fx,n such that the total force of each bottom-top pair, acting in the same direction for a given y-value, is equal to the weight of the vertical mirror slice element, dy in width. Let W be the weight of a mirror without central hole. Assuming that each force of a pair is equal, the element components of each force of this pair are

The distribution of Nl even lateral forces numbered n e [1, Nl], acting at angles 9n = (2n- 1)n/Nl along arches corresponding to A9 = 2n/Nl = constant, determines the location and size of each Nl/2 vertical slice. From integration, the nth vertical force Fx n is

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