3 M2

2 M4

The third-order coefficient Sphe3. such as given in the Table, can also be written /I4 = — -j + uZm^J^m^ ■

The determination of Sphe 5 is fully completed. Ag does not seem to have a simple compact form however. Higher-order coefficients are respectively A§ = —44 +4 M H----. A\q = — 4S H----. A12 =

1761 " 512

4.1.3 Wavefront Equation Including the Magnification Ratio M

The dimensionless parameter M is the transverse magnification ratio provided the spherical mirror is as usually defined by

From Eq. (4.3) and An coefficients in Table 4.1, the dimensioned equation of the wavefront surface at the center of curvature C is

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