Table 20. Lunar latitude

Na, f. 22v: Tabula latitudinis lune Nu, f. 30r: Tabula latitudinis lunae Va, f. 53r: Tabula latitudinis lunae Ed. 1495, f. d2v: Tabula latitudinis lune Ed. 1526, f. 26v: Tabula latitudinis lune

The latitude of the Moon, p, is displayed in degrees, minutes, and seconds, as a function of the argument of latitude, ro, at intervals of 1 degree: the maximum entry is 5;0,0° for arguments of latitude 90° and 270°. This is the same table as in ed. 1483 of the Alfonsine Tables,11 but for a few entries, indicated in Table 20A.

Table 20A: Lunar latitude

Arg. latitude Bianchini Alf. T. 1483

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