We note that the minimum progress of the true motion (0;57,1°) occurs between days 0 and 1 and between days 364 and 365, whereas the maximum progress (1;1,34°) occurs between days 182 and 183. These values for daily progress correspond to 0;2,22,55°/h and 0;2,23,55°/h, respectively, which seem to have been rounded by the author to 0;2,23°/h and 0;2,34°/h.

Regiomontanus chose to use signs of 30° in this particular case, rather than signs of 60° used elsewhere, an indication that he decided not to reproduce the table computed by Bianchini. Moreover, Regiomontanus's entries are systematically slightly different from those of Bianchini, and an extra line was added for 366d, as shown in Table 11A.

Table 11A: True motion of the Sun (Regiomontanus)

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