Table 5. Radices of the Sun and the lunar node

Na, f. 15v: Tabula solis et capitis draconis

Nu, f. 30r: Tabula veri motus capitis draconis

Va, f. 186v: Tabula radicis domini nostri Iesu Cristi incarnati

Ed. 1495, f. a7r: Tabula radicum

Ed. 1526, f. 7r: Tabula radicum

This table has the same layout as that of Table 4, and gives the radices for the Incarnation, 1400, and 1440: see Table 5. Ed. 1526 adds entries for 1480 and 1500. As was the case with Table 4, Regiomontanus only listed the mean motion of the lunar node and presented it as the complement in 360° to the entries in Table 5. However, Regiomontanus has 4,58;4,18° for the Incarnation and 3,39;54,34° for 1400, whereas he should have 4,28;4,18° and 3,9;54,34°, respectively.

Table 5: Radices of the mean Sun and the lunar node

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