Figure 2: Position of the Moon on July 18, 1447 at 12;30h.

Table 18. Daily mean motion of the Moon

Na, f. 23v: Tabula motus lune

Va, f. 195v: Tabula motus lunae

Ed. 1495, f. d1v: Tabula motus lune in diebus

Ed. 1526, f. 25v: Tabula motus [symbol for the Moon] in diebus

In this table there are four columns: see Table 18. The first gives the argument, the number of days from 1 to 30 at intervals of 1 day. The entries in the other columns represent the longitude of the Moon, the lunar anomaly, and the argument of lunar latitude, and the entries for 1 day are all approximations of the parameters used in Alfonsine astronomy.

Table 18: Daily mean motion of the Moon (excerpt)

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