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Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

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Abseiling Into The Spacelab

Working from Columbia's middeck, two technicians were lowered, one at a time, in sling-like seats down the 6-m-long tunnel into Neurolab in the payload bay. One technician waited in a shelf-like 'bend' in the tunnel, while the other entered the module itself to await the animal cages and aquariums that were then lowered on separate slings.

Rodent Experiments

Elsewhere, a minor problem cropped up with the four oyster toadfish on board Columbia. They possess gravity-sensing organs reminiscent of human inner ears, and although each had been fitted with a small transmitter before launch to monitor neuronal activity, the signals were found to be intermittent, possibly due to an electrical fault or problems with the oxygen-circulation pumps in their aquariums. Nonetheless, Stephen Highstein of the Washington University School of Medicine said, ''We think we can achieve 100 of our science goals even with intermittent data.''