Mountaintop weather

Many people think "desert" means "hot" all the time. In fact, it freezes on mountaintops throughout the Desert Southwest during winter. This is especially important information for people who participate in night-time observing programs. Many visitors are not prepared for the much cooler evening temperatures on Kitt Peak, or the winds that kick up around and after sunset. To make your evening visit comfortable, pack layers of clothing and consider bringing a hot beverage to sip after the night program.

Lightning and rainstorms occur during the monsoon, usually early July through September. If you are caught outdoors during an electrical storm, take refuge inside a building or car. Retreat from high ground immediately.

Clothing and gear checklist

• Drinking water

• Sunglasses

• Snacks or lunch

• Comfortable shoes

• Layered clothing

• Warm coat, hat, and

(T-shirt, long-sleeved

gloves (especially for

shirt, vest)

evening observers)

• Brimmed hat

• Insect repellent

• Sunscreen

• Camera and film

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