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Souvenirs from the Southwest are fun to collect. But some "collectors" rob us all by stealing legally protected native plants and animals. Only in recent years have we realized the value of specific plants and animals in battling cancer and other serious diseases, and we have yet to discover just how certain species interact with others (as in "who" depends on "what" and "how" they do it). In already small populations, the loss of even one individual can be significant.

How can you bring home something special from your desert trip? It's easy! Take a snapshot. Record your observations in a journal. Buy a book about the Southwest. By leaving desert denizens to go about their business, you've helped to ensure that other visitors can take home a wonderful "souvenir," too.

Between the SARA and Burrell-Schmidt telescopes, and set slightly back, is a shed that housed the Explosive Transient Camera/Rapidly Moving telescope. This facility began operation in January 1991, to look for the optical counterparts to gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). It has since ceased operation, without ever detecting a counterpart. For a more complete description of GRBs, please see TEL-16, below.

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