TEL14 Spacewatch 18meter telescope

The 1.8-meter Spacewatch telescope opened in 2000. It is of a modern design, with a computer-controlled alt-az mount. The focal length of the telescope is quite short, meaning that the telescope

itself is about the same length as the 0.9-meter Spacewatch telescope (which has an antique equatorial mount). The short focal length allows the telescope to have a fairly wide field of view, allowing it to look at a section of the sky somewhat bigger than the size of the full Moon. This is the largest telescope in the world dedicated exclusively to searching for asteroids and comets. Its size allows it to find asteroids when they are farther away, long before any potential impacts. During October 2001 the telescope found its first new asteroids, which have been designated 2001 UB5 and 2001 UO by the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union.

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