TEL21 The MDM Observatory

The MDM Observatory runs two optical telescopes (2.4-meter and 1.3-meter diameter). It began in 1975 when the University of Michigan, Dartmouth College and MIT joined together to move the

1.3-meter telescope from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Kitt Peak. The

2.4-meter telescope began observations in 1986, and was refurbished in 1991. MIT left the consortium in 1996, and Ohio State University and Columbia University joined in 1997, but the observatory has not yet been renamed. The telescopes have been used for many long-term survey projects, including mapping the distribution of galaxies in a slice of the sky, and studying the properties of dwarf and elliptical galaxies. The third ever discovered optical counterpart of a gamma-ray burst (GRB) was found with the 2.4-meter telescope.

The two telescopes of the MDM Observatory are in the foreground. The shiny dome near the right edge of the picture contains the 2.4-meter Hiltner telescope, while the white dome near the left edge houses the 1.3-meter McGraw-Hill telescope, with the dormitory building to its immediate right. Many of the other telescopes on Kitt Peak can be identified in the background. Photo courtesy of Patrick Seitzer.

Inside the dome of the 1.3-meter telescope. Photo courtesy of Patrick Seitzer.

Inside the dome of the 2.4-meter telescope at night. Photo courtesy of Patrick Seitzer.

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