TEL3 Razdow telescope

The Razdow telescope dome with the dome of the 2.1-meter telescope in the background. Photo by Patrick Seitzer. There is a small white dome not much larger than a typical garden gazebo just south of the McMath-Pierce telescope. The dome used to contain a 0.1-meter telescope (about 4 inches in diameter), which monitored sky conditions around the Sun. The images were sent to

the control rooms of the McMath-Pierce and vacuum telescopes, so that the astronomers working in the enclosed control rooms knew if clouds are passing in front of the Sun, and thereby affecting the quality of the data being collected. It was recently decommissioned.

As you pass the volleyball courts and continue toward the McMath-Pierce solar telescope, look south and you will see the distinctive shape of Baboquivari Peak as it rises above all others in the Baboquivari Mountains.

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