Telescopes and vistasinterest points

VIP-1 Kitt Peak and beyond 8

VIP-2 Road to the top of Kitt Peak 10

VIP-3 Kitt Peak Visitor Center 10 Southeast Route 14

VIP-4 The grotto 14

TEL-1 McMath-Pierce Solar telescope (2-meter) 15

TEL-2 NSO Solar Vacuum telescope (0.7-meter) 18

TEL-3 Razdow telescope (0.1-meter) 20

VIP-5 Baboquivari Peak 21

TEL-4 WHAM telescope (0.6-meter) 22 South Route 23

TEL-5 RCT Consortium telescope (1.3-meter) 24

VIP-6 A Sky Island arboretum 26

TEL-6 KPNO 2.1-meter telescope 27

TEL-8 WIYN telescope (0.9-meter) 31

TEL-9 WIYN telescope (3.5-meter) 33

Central Route 36 TEL-10 Edgar O. Smith Observatory, Calypso telescope

(1.2-meter) 36 TEL-11 CWRU Burrell Schmidt telescope (0.6-meter) 39 TEL-12 SARA Observatory (0.9-meter) 40 TEL-13 ETC/RMT (0.18-meter) 42 North Route 42 TEL-14 Spacewatch telescope (1.8-meter) 44 TEL-15 Spacewatch telescope (0.9-meter) 45 TEL-16 Super-LOTIS (0.6-meter) 47 TEL-17 Hungarian automated telescope HAT-1

(0.18-meter) 49 TEL-18 Bok telescope (2.3-meter) 51 VIP-7 Rock solid? 52 TEL-19 KPNO Mayall telescope (4-meter) 53 VIP-8 Coyote Mountains 58 VIP-9 Many, many mountains 59 VIP-10 Even more mountains 60 Southwest Ridge Route 61 TEL-20 Steward Observatory 12-meter millimeter-wave telescope 62

TEL-21 MDM Observatory (1.3-meter and 2.4-meter) 63

VIP-11 Picnic grounds 65

TEL-22 VLBA radio telescope (25-meter) 66

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