VIP11 Picnic grounds

One of the best places to enjoy cool shade and take a break from telescope trekking is at the picnic grounds on the north side of the road near Milepost 10. Available are restroom facilities with potable water, a covered group site, and something that few picnic areas offer: a close-up view of a VBLA antenna! Although camp stoves are permitted, open fires, including campfires, are banned year-round.

During your break, you may see many species of birds that frequent the area. Among the most numerous are the red-tailed hawk, mourning dove, acorn woodpecker, Mexican jay, common raven, bridled titmouse, cactus and rock wrens, northern mockingbird, phainopepla, and spotted and canyon towhees. Turkey vultures,

too, glide on thermal updrafts from the mountain. An extensive checklist of Kitt Peak birds is available at the Visitor Center, with a partial listing of birds and other species included in the list on pp. 92-93.

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