Fig. 3-20. Spheres of Influence About the Moon for <=0.01. In Region 1, orbits are approximately Keplerian about the Moon; in Region III, they are approximately Keplerian about the Earth.

region III

region III

where /t = m/M<£.\, S is the separation between m and M, and <<1 is the ratio of the perturbing force to the central force. Values of Ax and R2 for the various Sun-planet systems for c=0.01 are given in Table 3-6. For the Earth-Moon system, the radii about the Moon for <=0.01 are /?,= 14,900 km and R2 = 189,000 km, as shown in Fig. 3-20.

Table 3-6. Spheres of Influence for the Planets Relative to the Sun for €=0.01. (See text for explanation.)

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