Ed bY James ILWeitz

Microcosm Inc., Torrance, CA

Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control is the first comprehensive presentation of data, theory, and practice in attitude analysis. The book is written by 33 senior technical staff members in the Spacecraft Attitude Department of Computer Sciences Corporation and incorporates their experience in supporting more than 30 space missions. Because of the extensive cross-references, complete index, and 13 technical appendices, this book can be either a self-teaching text or a reference handbook. Among its unique features are orthographic globe projections to eliminate confusion in vector drawings; discussions of common data anomalies, data validation, attitude hardware, and associated mathematical models; and a presentation of new geometrical procedures for mission analysis and attitude accuracy studies which can eliminate many complex simulations.


The book will be of interest to professionals and students in astronautics and space science, scientists involved with spacecraft experiments, and aerospace engineers. It is suitable as a textbook for graduates in spacecraft attitude determination and control, space dynamics, and as supplementary reading for graduates in space navigation and orbital mechanics.

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