Deviation of the vertical 821

Diagonal matrix 745

Dlagonaiization, of a malrix 752-754

Differential correction (See State estimation; Data filters; Least squares) Differential correction subroutine (DC) 691 Differential correction subsystem, of CTS

attitude system 702

Differential equations, solution using

Laplace transform 770-771

Differential spherical trigonometry 734-735 Diffuse reflection, torque due to 572

Digital codes 295-298

Digital processors (See Onboard computers) Digital am sensor 156,161-166

Spinning or one-axis, mathematical model 223-224

Two-axis, mathematical model 224-227 Dihedral angle 23

Dihedral angle measurement (See Rotation angle measurement) Dipole model, of geomagnetic field (See

Geomagnetic field dipole model) Dipole moment, magnetic 204

Dirac delta function xii Direct match, for star identification

0 0

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