Minor principal axis 625-626

Misalignment, of rocket engine, torque due to 580-583

Mission Control Center 285

Mission mode, of space flight 661

Mission operations phase, of space mission 3-8 Mission orbit 53

Mission profile— Future changes in 8-12

Representative 3-12

Mission support (See also Software) 681-713 Example of role of attitude determination

& control 3-8

Requirements during Space

Shuttle era 716-722,724

Software 681-713

MMS (Multimission Modular Spacecraft)

(See also SMMMMS-A) MMS series spacecraft— Attitude system 718-720

Computer used on 210

Momentum wheels 203

Sun sensor 166-167

MOD coordinates (See Mean of date coordinates)

Modified Julian Day 21

Modulus, of Jacobian elliptic functions 526 Molniya (Soviet communications satellite) 290 Moment of inertia Estimate of for Apollo 15 subsatellite 497 Of spacecraft 489

Transverse 524

Units and conversion factors 810

Moment-of-inertia tensor 518-520

Momentum bias

Design of Momentum dumping Need for Using gas jets Momentum transfer maneuvers

0 0

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