Jacchia atmosphere models Jacobian elliptic functions

JD (See Julian Day) JD (subroutine)

JDS (See Julian Day for Space) Jet damping

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Deep Space

Network 284

Jets (See Gas jets)

Jordan canonical form, for a square matrix 753 Joseph Algorithm (in sequential estimators) 461 JPL (See Jet Propulsion Laboratory) JPL ephemeris tapes 140

Subroutine for (RJPLT) 693

JSC (See Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center) Julian century 809

Julian Day 20

Conversion subroutines for (JD, DATE) 692 Table 804

Julian Day for Space 20

Julian period (basis of Julian Day) 20

Jupiter, effectiveness for gravity assist trajectory 60

J2 perturbations. 67-69

J] term, in gravitational potential 126-127

Kalman filter 448,462-469

For star data 708-709 Propagation of state & error covariance matrix 464-467

Kapustin Yar (Soviet launch site) 4

Kepler, Johannes 36-38

Kepler's equation 45 Numerical solutions of 46,134, 140

Kepler's First Law 37-40

Kepler's Laws 37-42

Kepler's Second Law 37-40 Kepler's Third Law 37,41-42

Keplerian orbit 35-37

Table of properties 47

Keplerian orbit elements 46 As function of position & velocity, subroutine for 692

As function of injection conditions 60-62

Table of 46

Keraal, of integral equation 773

Kilogram, definition 807

Kinematic equations of motion 511-514

Euler angle representations 765

Torque free 529-531 Kinematics (See Attitude kinematics) Kinetic energy—

Of rotational motion 517-519

Orbital (See also Vis vica equation) 38

Knudsen number 108 Kosmonavt Vladimir Komarov (Soviet tracking ship) 290

Kronecker delta xii

Lagrange point orbits

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