Units and conversion factors 808-809

Time checking, of telemetry data 307-308 Time measurement systems 18-21, 798-806 Conversion subroutines for 692

Table of 798

Time optimal magnetic maneuver 642,648 Time tagging 278

Near-real-time data 302

Playback data 302

Representative telemetry data errors 311 Telemetry data 298-304

TIROS (meteorology satellite)— Attitude system of 794-795

First Use of Quarter OTbit Magnetic.

Attitude Control 639

Titius-Bodc law (See Bode's Law) TOD (See True of date) Torque (See also Disturbance torques; Attitude control)

Average of gas jet 274

Due to magnetic moment 813

Effect of. on spacecraft motion 498-502

Internal vs. external 521

Units and conversion factors 810

Torque-free motion, of spacecraft 487-497 Torque-free solutions, for attitude motion 524-531

Torr (unit of pressure) 809

Total eclipse 72. 76

TRAAC, libration damping 632

Trace, of a matrix 748 Track pattern (in fixed-head star trackers) 189 Tracking and Data Relay Satellite

Tracking stations 283-290

Location of 284-285

Timing systems 299-302

Trajectory, of gas jet precession 652

Trajectory, of spacecraft 53

Transfer elements, of a control system 588

Transfer function 244 Mathematical model of horizon sensor electronics 244-248

Of horizon sensor electronics 172

Use in control systems 589-590

Use of to evaluate stability 591 -593 Transfer orbit (See also Hohmann transfer orbit) 5-6,53 Transfer time, in Hohmann transfer orbit 58-59

Between the planets (table) 824 Transformations between coordinate systems 760-766

Transit 71-75

Transit time, in slit star scanner 254 Transmission, of data and commands (See also Telemetry) 278-292

Transpose, of a matrix 744

Transverse angular velocity 525

Transverse moment of inertia 524

Trapezoid model, of gas jet profiles 275 Trigonometry, spherical (See Spherical trigonometry)

Trojan asteroids 55

Tropical year 48

Tropopause 106

Tnie anomaly 45-46

Tnie of date coordinates 27-28 Truncation error, in integration procedures 560 Tumbling, of spacecraft due to crew motion 579-580

Turbopause 108 Turn angle, of hyperbola 40.60-61 Two-axis Sun sensor (See Sun sensor)

Two-degree-of-freedom gyroscope 196

Two thousand (2000) coordinates 27

Two's complement arithmetic 297

Tyuratan (Soviet launch site) 4

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