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Fig. 20-3. Sample Plot Generated by Subroutine GRAPH



SPHPLT Spherical grid CalComp plotting routines which generate a perspective drawing of the celestial sphere as seen from any orientation and plot user-specified lines, points, or other characters on the sphere. A sample plot is shown in Fig. 20-4.

CIS T. 0.. BEGINNING OF JON. 13 LAUNCH UINUOM. WFB (JBBCOB) CENTEfl; «=100 . 6= IS BTUTUOEi «= 11.0 . !>=-??.6

CIS T. 0.. BEGINNING OF JON. 13 LAUNCH UINUOM. WFB (JBBCOB) CENTEfl; «=100 . 6= IS BTUTUOEi «= 11.0 . !>=-??.6

Fig. 20-4. Sample Celestial Sphere Plot Generated by Subroutines SPHCNV, SPHGRD, and SPHPLT


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