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Fig. 22-1. Progression of Pointing Stability Requirements for Astronomical Telescopes in Space (From Proise [I973D

The emphasis of current research in spacecraft attitude determination and control can be approximately determined by a literature survey, as shown in Table 22-1. The categories were arbitrarily assigned in an attempt to represent the topics covered. Over half of the papers were concerned with new control systems or hardware, either proposed, planned, or recently flown. This reflects the diversity of hardware and methods in use at the present time. In contrast, only 5% of the papers dealt with any aspect of attitude determination and another 5% with evaluating disturbance torques or methods of measuring the properties of spacecraft relative to attitude stability and control.

Table 22-1. Distribution of Topics in a 1975-1976 Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control Literature Survey Based on the NASA Scientific Technical Information Data Base. Miscellaneous additional topics and papers which could not be categorized by the title or the abstract have been omitted.
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