orbital period


L angular momentum

N torque

B magnetic field

E nadir vector

S Sun vector

A attitude vector

H horizon crossing vector; H; and Hc for in-crossing and out-crossing

<o angular velocity vector x w-dimensional state vector y rt-dimensional observation vector

P Sun angle = Sun/attitude angular separation

7j Nadir angle = Earth center/attitude angular separation

<J> Rotation angle from the Sun to the center of the Earth about the attiutde

>j/ Sun/Earth center angular separation

Astronomical Symbols:

T Vernal Equinox Additional astronomical symbols are defined in Fig. 3-10.

A indicates an arbitrary interval, as At = i2 -1,

S indicates an infinitesimal interval in which first-order approximations may be used, as L= L„+ N5/ A dot over any symbol indicates differentiation with respect to time, i.e., x= dx/dt.

The Kronecker Delta, Sj, is defined as



The Dirac delta function, SD(x - x0), is defined by

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