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Fig. 11-30. Behavior of Single-Frame Solutions With Significant Systematic Errors. Same data and attitude determination methods as Fig. 11-29.

The singularity conditions for the data pass of Figs. 11-29 and 11-30 can be obtained from the predicted arc-length uncertainty plot shown in Fig. 11-31. Again, points outside the scale range are not plotted. It is seen from this figure that singularities occur near the middle of die data pass for method-3 (/J/£2) and near frame 40 and beyond frame 130 for method 2 (/J/$Wo); these are also the places where the solutions diverge in Fig. 11-30. (See Section 11.1 for a description of the attitude determination methods.) An analysis of the location of the singularities is given in the next subsection.

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