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Easy Cellar Stockpiling Food Guide

Easy cellar is an intelligible and subsistence eBook. It is a product of Tom Griffith, a retired inspector of nuclear projects. The program presents unknown but valuable facts to construct a subterranean vault in your garden. It contains very simple instructions, maps and videos that can help you in construction. The skills you will acquire in this program will be essential for your survival in whatever condition. Food and other basic requirements such as water can be stored for longer periods and therefore your survival in disastrous periods is guaranteed. You will learn how to get going without electricity and other contemporary facilities. Moreover, the guide provides you with very simple schematics that can work for as short as a day. That is why it is called Easy Cellar. It can help you triumph over death and survive any ruinous event, whether natural or man-made. It is absolutely a thrill to possess an Easy Cellar. Read more...

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Author: Tom Griffith
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Highly Recommended

This e-book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

My Survival Farm

My Survival farm is a course created with an aim of training people on the easy and cheap farming method known as permaculture. It 's a method of replicating nature's way of growing food with little effort in your backyard. It's healthier than gardening and more perfect for survival purposes. This course is designed at providing the best education with close supervision to ensure that you don't make mistakes that may end up costing you. Dan F. Sullivan combined Jeanie's and Liz's 50 years of experienced and condensed it all and came up with this course after he involved the two experts in a project that took 3 months. This course is, therefore, the best. The 60-year warranty given is to ensure that everyone gets satisfied with the results that he or she gets. Questions asked and any complaints that may arise are handled effectively. Remember, working with mother nature remains to be the only favorable option to realize amazing results without stressing up and messing up with the ecosystem. Don't forget that every organism in the ecosystem has its role to play. Make the order to get certified training to ensure that you have a sustainable source of food. Read more...

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Author: Dan Sullivan
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Observing Project 3C Loading the

Now this really sounds silly, but it's important. Astronomy is, for most of us still a hobby. If it becomes too much hard work, we will cease to do it because all the hard work detracts from the joy of it too much. One of the most frustrating things you will encounter is difficulty getting all your stuff to and from the car. Time yourself and figure out how long it takes to get all your stuff from its storage location into the car or out to the back yard observing site. If it is taking you more than fifteen minutes, you really need to organize better. The more work it takes to get yourself going, the more infrequently you are going to put yourself through it. Also consider how heavy the load is in addition to how voluminous. You may not have to make a lot of trips but even two or three can still be too many if you are moving so much weight that you throw your back out. That's why one of my telescopes is a tabletop model that I can be set up and observing through in less than two...

Filters What They Do and How to

The broadband filters allow through the most light, hence the name. They block off several wavelengths that are emitted by sodium vapor and mercury vapor streetlights. They are most useful when your observing site is light polluted. My Orion Skyglow filter does a good job from my backyard. It increases the amount of the Orion Nebula that I can see and enhances the Lagoon and Trifid nebulae quite a lot. The best examples are the Lumicon Deep Sky and Orion Skyglow filters. However, if I drive out to moderately dark skies, it is less useful. Sorry, but the best observations are always provided by the gasoline filter. (That joke will be petrol filter to my Australian friends.) The further you get from the city, the better the view.

Further Opportunities

In the USA we have a catch-phrase, NIMBY, regarding where development is to be sited. NIMBY refers to opposition of neighbors Not In My Back Yard . Understandably, no one wants a toxic waste dump to open next to their home. However, with the disappearance of environmentally unspoiled wilderness, pressures increase to protect remaining areas from all human encroachment. Only the historical use pattern of research at Mt Evans, and the ability to mobilize interested local amateur and professional astronomers to weigh in with the Forest Service and balance the de rigeur pro-conservation petitions that almost any proposed action in wilderness can be expected to generate, allowed the project to move forward. However, with the proliferation of 10 and 30m class telescopes at world class sites in Hawaii and Chile, mid-latitude sites may disappear due to lack of professional interest. Similarly, as there are advantages of site convenience and control, one sees a NOMBY response from astronomical...

Mount Wilson and the problem of interstellar absorption

Age he showed a talent for building instruments he made a spectroscope at 13. He studied physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and while in Boston made the acquaintance of Edward Pickering at the Harvard College Observatory. Upon graduation, he returned home to Chicago and completed the construction of his own observatory, the Kenwood Observatory, in his back yard. Hale used it mainly to study the Sun. It was equipped with a 12-inch aperture telescope, spectroscope, and camera.

So You Want to Buy a Telescope

So you want to buy a telescope That's wonderful A telescope will let you visit places that most people are not even aware exist. With it, you can soar over the stark surface of the Moon, travel to the other worlds in our solar system, and plunge into the dark void of deep space to survey clusters of jewel-like stars, huge interstellar clouds, and remote galaxies. You will witness firsthand exciting celestial objects that were unknown to astronomers only a generation ago. You can become a citizen of the universe without ever leaving your backyard.

The rules have changed

The author's DSLR astrophotography setup. Meade LX200 telescope with piggyback autoguider (Figure 9.9), 8 x 50 finderscope, Canon 300-mm f 4 lens, and Canon XTi (400D) camera, mounted equatorially on a permanent pier in the back yard. Figure 9.3. The author's DSLR astrophotography setup. Meade LX200 telescope with piggyback autoguider (Figure 9.9), 8 x 50 finderscope, Canon 300-mm f 4 lens, and Canon XTi (400D) camera, mounted equatorially on a permanent pier in the back yard.

Caveats on the equivalence principle

But consider this the EP asserts a limiting property, like sin x x 1. True, sin x never equals x in any finite domain, but sin x x is not useless information. The EP is, in fact, the exact 4-dimensional analog of the statement that in sufficiently small regions of a curved surface, plane (Euclidean) geometry applies. If the earth were a perfect sphere, surely the errors I commit by surveying my backyard using plane geometry would be miniscule. If, instead, I draw a large 'geodesic' triangle whose area is, say, one-nth of the surface of the earth, the sum of its internal angles is, in fact, given by

Experiments and hardware

The late oceanographer Bob Stevenson, who trained many NASA astronauts and crews in observation and photography, once described Bill Lenoir as a real happy chappy,'' and mentioned his particular fondness for fresh jalapeno peppers, which he grew in his back yard. When they were still green, Lenoir would often bring a bagful to work and happily nibble away on them during the day. Sometimes, he would offer them to younger astronauts and take a little impish pleasure at their reaction when they bit down and found out the true nature of what they were eating.

Radio astronomy

The discovery was not followed up immediately. In fact, for a long time there was only one active radio astronomer. Grote Reber was an amateur radio astronomer in Illinois, who carried out observations on his back yard radio telescope in the 1930s and early 1940s. (When Reber submitted his first paper for publication in The Astrophysical Journal, it was sent to a referee, a normal procedure. To make sure that the data were to be believed, the referee, Bart Bok, a Dutch astronomer, then living in the US, took the abnormal step of visiting Reber and his telescope, and taking the editor along. Bok recommended publication of the paper, and was the first traditional optical astronomer to understand the importance of radio astronomy. Following WW II, radio astronomers benefitted from the development of radar equipment during the war. Radio observations were pursued by the British, Dutch, Australians, and a small group of Americans at Harvard. A major advancement was the ability to observe...

Aquarius Nebulae

The Saturn nebula has always fascinated me and my notes show that I have observed it often. Even with the 7 inch Maksutov in my backyard observatory it was easy to see. This is from north Phoenix, in the middle of a lot of light pollution. With a 10 mm eyepiece in the Mak this nebula shows a high surface brightness disk that is elongated 1.5X1. Averted vision makes it grow in size.

The nuclear option

In the post-Cold War era, many usually rational citizens are afflicted with an attitude referred to as 'NIMBY' - 'not in by back yard'. This is why it is difficult to find a safe, underground repository for US nuclear waste, and why Florida residents' fears of a very unlikely launch disaster threatened the 1997 launch of the Cassini probe to Saturn. The probe is powered by a small radioisotope thermal generator.

Ngc 3034 M82

One of the most sensational views of any galaxy I have had from my backyard location (Figure 7.18). All my memorable views of it have been through the intensifier, though I recommend that you choose the more transparent nights to experience the same degree of impact I describe here. On first glance with this device, there was such a wealth of bright detail greeting my eye that my jaw actually dropped the illustrations here simply do not do it justice. This galaxy was so like its well-known portraits that I was stunned extensive mottling, and complex dark veins throughout. Being so

The Popular View

This is what the Rocky Mountain News had to say the next day While the professionals, with their sails trimmed, calmly awaited Luna's approach, the average citizen was frantically engaged in hunting pieces of broken glass in the back-yard and burning it and their fingers over a dubious light on the kitchen table. The stock of street vendors of the dusky article was soon exhausted, and the demand continued up to the first moment of the contact. In this

What Happened Next

There are a lot of craters in the Solar System. One of them out there is human-made. Nobody knows quite how big it is - the violent process of making it and then making away from the scene allowed less than 15 minutes for close-up inspection, and in that time the dust thrown up obscured the view. It could be the size of a back yard, or of a football stadium. Whichever, it's now a scar on the face of comet Tempel 1.

Dome Delivery

The trucking company only provided roadside delivery to the base of my driveway, so I wondered how I was going to get the dome off of the semi and placed in my backyard near the construction site. I posed this question to Ash Dome, and they were able to offer a solution, since many of their customers faced this similar problem. The solution was actually quite elegant in its simplicity it employed the use of a flat-bed tow truck. I asked the local garage if I could hire their flat-bed tow truck for an hour. When the semi carrying the observatory pulled up in front of my house, I phoned the garage and told them I was ready for them. The flat-bed came to our house, backed up behind the semi and raised its bed to the same height as the trailer. Then, the tow cables were strapped to the 2,800-pound pallet. The flat-bed driver activated the winch to begin pulling the observatory pallet out of the semi onto the back of the flat-bed.


Joan Aldrin began Thursday, 17 July, by raising the flag, thereby allowing the photographers on the front lawn their first 'snap' of the day. Following lunch, she sneaked out of the back yard in order to shop with a friend, Mary Campbell. Although she thought she was incognito, in the mall a salesperson who processed her purchases recognised her and said, ''Thank you, Mrs Aldrin. We all wish you the best of luck.'' Jan Armstrong whiled away the afternoon in the yard clearing the swimming pool of leaves that had been shed during the storm when she was at the Cape. Meanwhile, in the Collins' yard, the tree that had blown down was being removed. Jan Armstrong watched the telecast sitting on the floor, with sons Ricky and Mark, although Mark was bored. Joan Aldrin, wearing the new outfit she had purchased at the mall, watched from the couch with son Andy, Robert and Audrey Moon, Jeannie Bassett and Dee O'Hara. Joan was eager to see Buzz, but because he was operating the camera initially...

Absence Of Evidence

Rationally, I know that it's a big universe, and we've only sniffed around in our front yard. Still, I find myself noticing the four decades of silence and wondering. Oh, I don't doubt that they're out there, but perhaps they are not on the airwaves. The question of the existence of intellectually advanced aliens has, in my mind, become more detached from the question of our achieving radio contact. I am hopeful by constitution. But, my adolescent optimism has morphed into a more detached cosmic optimism. I still see the universe evolving toward a state of more fully developed intelligence and self-understanding, but I'm no longer sure the human experiment is a part of that process.

The Mystery Noise

Jansky was interested in the phenomenon and wanted to continue the research in the field with equipment designed specifically for receiving signals from space, but his superiors and the people who funded his work weren't impressed by his mystery noise. As a result, he did not pursue radio astronomy any further. However, Jansky's discovery of the noise coming from the Milky Way did not pass entirely unnoticed. A radio engineer named Grote Reber began to get interested in radio astronomy as a hobby, in conjunction with his activities as an amateur radio operator. Radio amateurs, also called ham operators, have been known to make radical communications discoveries. Reber built a large parabolic dish antenna in his back yard. His neighbors were amazed (and fortunately, tolerant) as the assembly of the 10-m (31-ft) bowl-shaped reflector progressed.

Observing Tips

Precise polar alignment of an equatorial mount is not as necessary as for nighttime deep sky photography. It is simply a matter of convenience. Even when taking photographs, long exposure times are simply not necessary, given the amount of light that comes through the telescope. If you are observing from a familiar location, such as your backyard, you will know roughly where north is. You can also estimate an approximate fix by knowing that the Sun is roughly due east at 06 00, south (north in the Southern Hemisphere) at 12 00 and west at 18 00. Remember that you must adjust these times for any local daylight savings arrangements.

Siting the Telescope

Roll Off Roof Observatory

Whether you image from your backyard or from a remote dark sky site, you should try to simplify your preparation. If you have a portable setup, you must transport your equipment, assemble the mount, attach your telescope, connect power cables, polar align, and attach your camera, before you even begin to search for your target. Should inclement weather appear, each step may need to be reversed hastily, adding to your frustration. A permanent setup avoids these inconveniences. If you live in a rural or suburban area, this might be an option at your home. The simplest arrangement is a permanent pier, either on a deck or in a yard. A pier will be more stable than a tripod, already leveled, and can be oriented or marked to speed polar alignment. You can run underground conduits to your pier containing electrical supply and cables for remote control on cold nights. Once you have a pier, consider constructing a small roll-off shed just large enough to cover up your telescope. Details of my...


Look for variations in the entire ring system itself you will see areas of light and shade. The Cassini Division is an easy mark not so the infamous Encke Division, which is often confused with a dark zone within the outer A-ring, closer to the planet than the Encke feature. It took spacecraft to confirm its existence undeniably since it was too fine to show itself on photographs before the time of space exploration. As far back as the nineteenth century, certain noted observers also reported seeing structures on the rings themselves, which seems to suggest that they did in fact see traces of the famous spokes shown in views obtained by much more recent spacecraft. At the time these could not be confirmed by other astronomers, but now it would appear there was something to these old observations. Today, with firm confirmation of their existence, some amateur observers also have claimed to have discerned suggestions of the spokes , eye preparation again revealing things previously...

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