Carl Sagan 19341996 Modern Popularizer of Space Science

and Cofounder of the New Field of Exobiology 138

Born in Brooklyn 139

How Will You Make a Living? 140

The American Dream 140

A New Field of Science 141

The Dark Bands of Mars 142

The Unforgiving Search for Extraterrestrial Life 144

Contact beyond the Solar System 146

The Champion of Space Science 148

Cosmos 148

Carl Sagan Is a Household Word 150

Sagan's Legacy 152

Chronology 153

Further Reading 155


Stephen Hawking (1942- ): The Modern Einstein 156

An Unusual Birthday 157

Talent and Scholarship 157

Tragedy, Heartbreak, and Depression 158

Turning Point 159

Singularity Theory and the Universe 160

General Theory of Relativity 161

The Big Bang Theory 162

Theory on Black Holes 163

Cosmology Stardom 165

A Brief History of Time 166

Scientific Icon 167

Calling for the Death of Physics 168

Chronology 169

Further Reading 171


Further Resources Index

173 180

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