The Book De nove stella Gains Him Fame

In 1573, Brahe published his first book De nove et nullius aevi memoria prius visa stella (On the new and never previously seen star), more commonly known as De nove stella (The new star). This book contained a variety of subjects, from astrological predictions to calendars, but most important, a 27-page detailed description of the new star, an object whose existence produced first-time evidence that challenged without question the previously assumed fixed nature of the heavens. De nove stella made Brahe famous throughout Europe.

Ready to enjoy his new fame, Brahe began to travel, giving lectures and visiting with other astronomers. By 1575, he found himself at Cassel, Germany, as a guest of the ruling Count Wilhelm IV of Hesse, who for the past 20 years was actively involved in astronomy and had on his grounds an observatory complete with his own astronomical instruments of observation.

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