background radiation, cosmic, G-21

baked on the shell?, 5-27

balloon of various dimensions, G-2-6

Big Bang, Project G seeing G-17-19

black hole area never decreases, 2-48 dilute, 2-46 dropping in on, 3-30 energy conversion using, 3-29-30 extracting energy from, F-20-24, F-28-29

black hole, continued extreme angular momentum, F-5-7

escape from, 2-4,4-7,4-21 inside, Project B Kerr black hole, Project F measuring distance from, 5-33 more about (box), 3-3 no escape from, 3-19-23, B-13-16 Reissner-Nordstram, F-31 science inside, B-3 shadow of, 5-33 spinning, Project F temperature of, 5-27,5-37 time travel using, 4-32 turning around using, 4-32-33

blue shift, gravitational, 2-13, 2-30

blunder of my life, biggest, G-l, G-ll

Boltzmann's constant, 5-27

bookkeeper Kerr, F-8-11 Schwarzschild, 2-34-38

Boyer-Lindquist coordinates, F-2-3, F-19

Carroll, Lewis, quote, B-l

Cauchy horizon, F-5, F-30

centrifugal pseudo force, 4-13

Chandrasekhar, S., quote, F-l circular orbits. See orbit, circular

Chesapeake Bay, general relativity over, 2-47

clay pigeon, 3-6

clock far-away, 2-27-30, F-3 personal far-away, 2-29 reference, 1-17 recording, 1-18

conv, subscript meaning "in conventional units," 1-13, GL-1

coordinate radius. See reduced circumference coordinate systems, 2-31-38, B-4, F-2

Copernicus, Nicolaus, 2-8 corona, E-2

cosmic background radiation, G-21

cosmic rays, super, 1-22

cosmic red shift, G-l 8

cosmological principle, G-l-2

cover, explanation of, D-12-17

critical value of mass, Mcrit/ G-13-14

crunch time to arrive at, 3-21-22 of Universe, G-7-12

curvature of spacetime, 1-16,2-3, 2-6-7

curvature factor, 2-21

curvature of Universe, G-13-15

curved spacehme, Chapter 2

cycloid, G-8-12

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