Advanced Concepts Program

A program managed by NASA's Office of Space Access and Technology to identify and develop new, far-reaching concepts that may later be applied in advanced technology programs. It was set up to help enable unconventional ideas win consideration and possible acceptance within the NASA system. Among the areas that the Advanced Concepts Program is looking into are fusion-based space propulsion, optical computing, robotics, interplanetary navigation, materials and structures, ultra-lightweight large aperture optics, and innovative modular spacecraft architectural concepts.

Air Density Explorers






Explorer 19

Dec. 19, 1963

Scout X-3

597 x

2,391 km

x 78.6°

Explorer 24

Nov. 21, 1964

Scout X-3

530 x

2,498 km

x 81.4°

Explorer 39

Aug. 8, 1968

Scout B

570 x

2,538 km

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