One Step at a Time

Break routes into as many legs as possible, the more the better. If possible, arrange that each leg ends with a fix from which you can start a new plot. This way you make a series of short passages, each starting from a known position.

It is 90 miles from Zeebrugge in Belgium to Lowestoft, but it is possible to plot a route where the gaps between buoys are mostly 10 miles or less. The longest leg is 20 miles and that is on the run in to a landfall between Southwold and Benacre Ness where an error of a mile or so is not critical (see Figure 5.7). What at first looks like a long, demanding offshore passage becomes a series of short hops, each starting from a known position and bringing you to a recognisable landfall south of your destination. Completing each leg successfully is a cause for celebration, a boost to your confidence. A passage that may overwhelm your confidence when seen as a whole, can be broken down into a series of manageable chunks.

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