Picture This

Digital navigators have been known to carefully log their vessel's GPS coordinates and minutes later run aground. They have failed to relate this information to the real world. Always doubtful of his position, a Crash Bag Navigator must remain spatially aware and keep a plot running in his head. In other words, he must have a mental picture of where the boat is in relation to the world about it.

You do this all the time. When travelling between home and work, at any point on the journey you can point towards your home, destination, or places in between, without any hesitation. You know where you are without looking at a map.

Similarly, the Crash Bag Navigator knows what course he's steering and what speed he's making. He always has in mind a fair approximation of the boat's position and its relationship to landmarks and hazards. He uses as many independent ways as possible to check his direction, position, and speed. Each check gives a slightly different answer but they should all lead to more or less the same position.

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