Proper Preparations

It is a fundamental truth that performance in any field is directly proportional to the preparations and training made beforehand. Lay the foundations for Crash Bag Navigation before you need it. You should not be trying it for the first time five minutes after your instruments die. Every passage plan should be prepared and made bearing in mind the possibility that Crash Bag Navigation might be needed.

Although there should be no difference between theory and practice, it would be prudent to take every opportunity to practise the ideas described in this book. You not only gain proficiency and a good understanding of the degree of accuracy you can expect, but learn to allow for inaccuracies.

If you live by the plotter then it is important to have an up-to-date written record of your position in a paper log, or as a plot on a paper chart. Without this you will have to guess where you are when you begin Crash Bag Navigation. It also helps to have written down (or printed out) the coordinates of the waypoints you intended to use.

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