Sailing Directions 14/32 Scale 3/19/20 Scale, Charts 162 Scale, Cross Staff 123 Scale, Quadrant 121 Scale, Astrolabe 114 Semi-Diameter 128/130/136 Sextant 2/3/25/104/107/

120/136/147 Sextant Corrections 128 Shadow Astrolabe 126/130 Shadow Astrolabe 114/116 fig/126/128/130

Shipping Lanes 178

Shorelights 178

Sidereal Day 83/84 fig

Sidereal Hour Angle 56/58 fig

Significant Wave Height 168

Southern Cross 65/66 fig

Speed Of Sound 109/111

Star Catalogues 13

Star Compass 70

Statius Sebosus 11

Summer Triangle, The 63/64 fig

Sun Compass 50/51 fig

Sun Dial 11/13/25/50/82 et seq

Sundial Making 82

Sun Shadow Board 114/115/

116 fig/126 Swells 34/171et seq

Tides 146/180

Tidal Set And Drift 24/

Tide Tables 13/

Time From The Moon 85

Time From The Stars 83

Time Signals 149

Time Zone Description 79

Timed Log Line 94 Tobias Mayer 147 Traverse Board 25/33 fig/97 Traverse Tables 13/25/152 et seq

Universal Coordinated Time 78 Universal Time 78 Utima Thule 11

Variation 13/36/71/80 Vasco De Gama 11/114 Vega 63

Viking Sun Compass 51 John C Voss 12

Waves 34/168et seq Z

Zenith 54/65/69/80/132/

138/143 Zenith Distance 132/133 fig Zenith Stars 18/67/69/142 et seq Zone Time 78


Lifeboats r Flat calm or force 10. I always wear one.'

Whether they're training or out on a shout, RNLI crew members always wear lifejackets. It's a rule informed by years of experience. They know that, whatever the weather, the sea's extremely unpredictable - and can turn at a moment's notice. They see people caught out all the time. People who've risked, or even lost their lives as a result. The fact is, a lifejacket will buy you vital time in the water - and could even save your life. But only if you're wearing it.

For advice on choosing a lifejacket and how to wear it correctly, call us on 0800 328 0600 (UK) or 1800 789 589 (RoI) or visit our website rnli.org.uk/seasafety/lifejackets

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