hypothesis will have its own peculiar corollary in the physical realm.

Clearly, Kepler believed that understanding the physical nature of the Universe should be the subject of astronomical study, in sharp contrast to those like Osiander - the author of the preface to On the Revolutions - who believed that astronomical hypotheses were unimportant provided they predicted the phenomena correctly.

In August 1601, Tycho obtained finally an official position for Kepler, under the condition that Tycho's planetary tables would be published as the Rudolphine Tables. Soon afterwards, in October, Tycho died and the emperor put Tycho's incomplete works in Kepler's hands53 and promoted him to the position of Imperial Mathematician. Even though Rudolph died in 1612, Kepler still used his name in the title of the planetary tables he produced in 1627.

Over the next 5 years, Kepler worked extremely hard trying to understand the reasons behind the motions of the planets, and now he had the data he needed. One of the tasks Longomontanus had been involved with before he left Prague had been an analysis of the motion of Mars, and Kepler took this over after his

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