would stream farther downward.

Since gravity was caused by the vortices of fluid outside the Earth, Huygens reasoned that within the Earth its effect was constant. He computed the ratio of the polar and equatorial diameters to be 577 : 578 on this assumption.

Isaac Newton and the Principia

It often is remarked that Galileo died and Newton was born in 1642, but this is not strictly true. At the time, Italy used the Gregorian calendar, but England was still using the Julian calendar and so, when Newton was born on Christmas Day 1642 in England, it was already 1643 in Italy. Of course, this takes nothing away from the interesting proximity between the death of the founder of the science of mechanics and the birth of the man who would turn Galileo's groundwork into the most successful scientific theory of all time. The lives of these two great intellectual giants spanned the years 1564-1727, a period of profound change

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