though this is probably false also. The sayings which are attributed to him show us that over 2500 years ago Greek intellectuals were attempting to understand concepts such as space and time:

Of all things that are, the most ancient is God, for he is uncreated; the most beautiful is the universe, for it is God's workmanship; the greatest is Space, for it contains everything; the swiftest is Mind, for it speeds everywhere; the strongest is necessity, for it masters all; and the wisest Time, for it brings everything to light.15

Thales also holds a significant place in the history of mathematics. He is reputed to have been the first person to prove geometrical theorems and a number of such proofs are attributed to him, though their nature is unclear. Certainly, it is true that the use of logical proofs in mathematics was developed over the three centuries before Euclid wrote the Elements in about 300 BC, and that later Greek writers credited Thales with inventing this deductive method, but the precise nature of Thales' contribution is uncertain.

Perhaps the most important of the Ionian philosophers was Anaximander, a pupil of Thales. Almost all we know of his doctrines comes ultimately from Theophrastus' Physical Opinions. In Anaximander's system, the essence of all

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