The Moon And Venus

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The distance to Earth's Moon has been refined to within a few centimeters, and it is possible to tell how fast the Moon is moving toward or away from Earth as it revolves around our planet. The surface of the Moon has been mapped by radar, and the quality of detail rivals that of optical photographs. Radar astronomy has proven to be a valuable tool in the study of the surface of Venus because that planet's thick clouds make it impossible to see the surface with optical apparatus.

The main challenge to pursuing radar investigations of the planets has been the development of radar sets with enough power and sensitivity. The planets are very distant in terms of human-made radio transmissions. In addition, they do not reflect radio signals the way a mirror reflects visible light. Only a minuscule part of the rf signal reaching a planet is reflected back in the general direction of the Earth; of this reflected wave, only a tiny portion ever gets back to the antenna. Radar technology eventually was perfected to overcome the path loss between Earth and Venus. The radar telescope enabled scientists to discover that Venus has a retrograde motion on its axis. Before that time, astronomers had made educated guesses concerning the planet's rotation based on the motion of the cloud tops, and these guesses had all been wrong.

Radar mapping of the surface of Venus was attempted because rf signals easily penetrate the visually opaque clouds. Astronomers found that the surface is solid but irregular. High-resolution maps were obtained when the planet was scrutinized using radar sets aboard Venus-orbiting spacecraft. The solidity of the surface was not known with certainty until it was verified by radar.

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