Absorption and scattering of photons298

10.1 Introduction 298

10.2 Photon interactions 300 Photon-electron interactions - Rayleigh scattering - Thomson scattering - Compton scattering • Photon absorption in the

CMB • Photon-atom interactions - Photoelectric absorption and absorption lines - Emission nebulae - Pair production near a nucleus

10.3 Extinction of starlight 306 Grains in the interstellar medium • Extinction parameters -

Extinction coefficient - Extragalactic sources - Color excess (reddening) - Frequency dependence • Dust-hydrogen association

10.4 Cross sections 314 Cross section as target • Mean propagation distance -

Exponential absorption - Mean free path - Mass units and opacity - Optical depth • Cross section and extinction coefficient

10.5 Photoelectric absorption in the interstellar medium 321 Photoelectric effect • Cosmic abundances - Abundances by number - Mass fractions • Propagation distances in the interstellar medium - Effective cross section - Survival distances - Astronomy through gases

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