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2MASS 2-^m survey, 110

a posteriori probability, 160

A0V star for magnitude calibration, 226

aberration of starlight, 65

absolute magnitude, 231

absorption differential equation of, 316 exponential, 316

in interstellar medium (ISM), 326 lines from stars, 357 of photons, Ch. 10, 298 photoelectric, 304 photoelectric in ISM, 321 spectral lines, 334, 355 table of parameters, 319 abundances of elements by mass, 323 by number, 323 light elements, 19 solar system, table, 323 accretion disk, emission lines, 358 active galactic nuclei (AGN), 17 adaptive optics atmospheric turbulence, 125 complete system, 126,127 isophase patches, 120 with CCD, 143 afterglow of GRB, discovery of, 150 AIGO G-wave observatory, 410 air mass, 63 Airy disk, 118 allowed transitions, 358 altitude-azimuth telescope mount, 105 AMANDA neutrino experiment, 388 Andromeda nebula M31, 16, 17

early distance to, 281 angular resolution, telescope, 113 angular size, in interferometry, 179

anomalistic month, 75 anomalistic year, 76 ANTARES neutrino experiment, 388 antenna beam, 112-119 beam and source element, 236 effective area, 237 efficiency function, 237 multiple for G waves, 410 power received by, 220 radio, arrays of, 209 temperature, 349 aperture synthesis, principle of, 201 apparent magnitude, 225 apsides, advance of line of, 73 argon atoms, sweeping for, 384 argon decay in neutrino detection,

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