Figure 2.2. Absorption of photons in the earth's atmosphere. The abscissa is the frequency (lower scale) or wavelength (upper scale) of the radiation, and the ordinate is the height above the earth's surface in kilometers (right axis) or fraction of the atmosphere above the corresponding height (left axis). The plotted curves represent the approximate altitude (or fractional atmospheric depth) at which either 1/2 or 1/10 of the radiation will survive the passage through the atmosphere above this point. The specified elements and molecules provide the absorption in the regions so labeled. The ionospheric electrons at altitudes extending well beyond those in the figure are highly opaque to radio waves below about 10 MHz. [Adapted from M. Oda, Proc. Int. Cosmic-Ray Conference London, 1965, v. 1, p. 68]

Mount Chacaltaya

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