Figure 11.5. High resolution x-ray spectra of (top) the supernova remnant Puppis A from the historic Crystal Spectrometer on the Einstein observatory (launched 1978) and (bottom) the bright star Capella from the High Energy Grating Spectrometer on the Chandra observatory (launched 1999), for the same part of the spectrum. The resolution of the latter is much improved over the former. The locations of some spectral lines expected at x-ray temperatures are indicated. The relative strengths of the observed lines indicate temperatures, densities and compositions of the plasmas (a) in the shock wave that originated in the supernova explosion of Puppis A and (b) in the plasma of the active corona of Capella. [Top: adapted from Winkler et al., ApJLett. 246, L27 (1981); bottom: from C. Baluta and K. Flanagan from archival calibration data; also see Canizares et al., ApJL 539, L41 (2000)]

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