8.2 Unresolved point-like sources Spectral flux density • Flux density • Luminosity • Fluence

8.3 Astronomical magnitudes 224 Apparent magnitude - Magnitudes and fluxes - Spectral color bands - Conversion from magnitudes to SI units - Color indices • Absolute magnitudes - luminosity • Bolometric magnitude - Bolometric Correction - Absolute bolometric magnitude and luminosity

8.4 Resolved "diffuse" sources 234 Specific intensity - Concept of specific intensity - Power received by antenna - Average specific intensity • Spectral flux density revisited - Relation to specific intensity - Specific intensity of pulsars • Surface brightness - Power emitted from a surface - Equality of emitted and received intensity (B = I) -Liouville's theorem • Energy flow - names, symbols, and units • Volume emissivity - Relation to specific intensity - Line-of-sight emissivity (power column density)

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