Cover Illustrations

The color illustrations on the cover show several rocket propulsion systems, each at a different scale. Below we briefly describe these illustrations and list the page numbers, where more detail can be found.

The front cover shows the rocket nozzles at the aft end of the winged Space Shuttle, shortly after takeoff. The two large strap-on solid rocket motors (see page 545) have brightly glowing white billowy exhaust plumes. The three Space Shuttle main engines (page 199) have essentially transparent plumes, but the hot regions, immediately downstream of strong shock waves, are faintly visible. The two darker-colored nozzles of the thrust chambers of the orbital maneuvering system and the small dark nozzle exit areas (pointing upward) of three of the thrusters of the reaction control system of the Space Shuttle (see page 208) are not firing during the ascent of the Shuttle.

The back cover shows (from top to bottom) small illustrations of (1) an image of a stress/strain analysis model (see page 461) of a solid propellant rocket motor grain and case, (2) a small storable bipropellant thruster of about 100 lbf thrust (page 307), (3) a three-quarter section of a solid propellant rocket motor (page 9), and (4) an experimental aerospike rocket engine (page 298) during a static firing test.

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