The total impulse I, is the thrust force F (which can vary with time) integrated over the burning time t.

For constant thrust and negligible start and stop transients this reduces to

I, is proportional to the total energy released by all the propellant in a propulsion system.

The specific impulse Is is the total impulse per unit weight of propellant. It is an important figure of merit of the performance of a rocket propulsion system, similar in concept to the miles per gallon parameter used with automobiles. A higher number means better performance. Values of /, are given in many chapters of this book and the concept of an optimum specific impulse for a particular mission is introduced later. If the total mass flow rate of propellant is m and the standard acceleration of gravity at sealevel g0 ¡s 9.8066 m/sec2 or 32.174 ft/sec2, then

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