Engine Support Structure

Most of the larger rocket engines have their own mounting structure or support structure. On it the major components are mounted. It also transmits the thrust force to the vehicle. Welded tube structures or metal plate/sheet metal assemblies have been used. In some large engines the thrust chamber is used as a structure and the turbopump, control boxes, or gimbal actuators are attached to it.

In addition to the thrust load, an engine structure has to withstand forces imposed by vehicle maneuvers (in some cases a side acceleration of 10 g0), vibration forces, actuator forces for thrust vector control motions, and loads from transportation over rough roads.

In low-thrust engines with multiple thrusters there often is no separate engine mounting structure; the major components are in different locations of the vehicle, connected by tubing, wiring, or piping, and each is usually mounted directly to the vehicle or spacecraft structure.

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