thrust force, N (lbf)


final thrust, N


Gravitational attraction force, N


initial thrust force, N

g gravitational acceration, m/sec2

g0 gravitational acceleration at sea level, 9.8066 m/sec2

g average gravitational attraction, m/sec2

G universal or Newton's gravity constant, 6.6700 xlOu m3/kg-sec2

h altitude, m hp altitude of rocket at power cutoff, m

Is specific impulse, sec k(j diffuse coefficient of reflectivity ks specular coefficient of reflectivity

I distance of moment arm, m

m instantaneous mass, kg (lbm)

mf final mass after rocket operation, kg mp propellant mass, kg m0 initial launching mass, kg m mass flow rate of propellant, kg/sec

Ma angular moment of inertia, kg-m2

IVR mass ratio of vehicle = wy/w0

n number of stages p pressure, N/m2 or Pa (psi)

r radius, m, or distance between the centers of two attracting masses, m

R instantaneous radius from vehicle to center of Earth, m

R0 Effective earth radius, 6.3742 x 106 m

S range, m t time, sec tp time from launching to power cutoff or time from propulsion start to thrust termination, sec tt time to target, sec

u vehicle flight velocity, m/sec (ft/sec)

ua orbital velocity at apogee, m/sec up velocity at power cutoff, m/sec, or orbital velocity at perigee, m/sec u0 initial or launching velocity, m/sec w weight, N (in some problems, lbf)

Greek Letters a angle of attack, or angular acceleration, angle/sec2

0 angle between flight direction and horizontal, or angle of incident radiation, deg or rad fj, gravity constant for earth, 3.98600 x 1014 m3/sec2 p mass density, kg/m3 t period of revolution, sec xjr angle of thrust direction with horizontal co angular speed, deg/sec (rad/sec)

Subscripts e escape condition

/ final condition at rocket thrust termination max maximum p power cutoff or propulsion termination s satellite z zenith

0 initial condition or takeoff condition

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